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Do the Research

Many people read the Word of God and then interpret it as best as they can, others as they see fit, still others will read a singular verse and make it fit what they want it to.

The Bible was written in three languages, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, and the words that were used in those times and cultures do not always mean what the translated words we have today mean, this should be obvious to anyone who has determined to stay on the path that the Lord has placed them on, and so, a careful study of the days the words were penned is important. Here is where confusion begins, and it is why Satan is the author of it, any possibility to keep the eyes of man off of the truths of God he will employ, and when it is as simple as changing a word here or there, it is no difficult task.

A word here, a meaning there, speak softly into the ear of a theologian and you have a corrupt Bible, and my friends, there are plenty enough and more of those out there. It is one of the reasons people will stay away altogether from in-depth Biblical studies, they are unsure of what version is correct, and the effort to do in-depth research in this area is just not meaningful enough to them.

Only those that God calls can come to Him, (John 6:44) no one bursts into the throne room of the Almighty, and only those that diligently seek Him can find Him. (Heb. 11:6) To seek God then, to know the mind of Christ, we must study the only manuscript that He has ever written, and to do that we must be submissive to the Holy Spirit in this endeavor. In other words, beyond His prompting, you have to put forth some effort here, or you will be led astray. There are many wise men who have trodden this path, it is not difficult to follow, but the adversary has placed many of his own upon it to entice men upon a different way, and they are wise in their own right. Some I am sure had good intentions, but showed by their finished work, their own interpretation, that they had little Spiritual discernment, others have by their own volition attempted to produce manuscripts that would intentionally lead others astray for their own profit, whether that profit be in a monetary manner or in pride, jealousy, envy, or any other reason, but they were not produced to glorify God. The Book of Mormon is a good example here, along with the Apocrypha which the Roman Catholic Institution uses, these are not God-breathed, they were not inspired by God but were produced by men being deceived by Satan.

There are of course literally thousands of other examples, but that is not really the problem, these false books should be expected, what is the problem is the lack of desire by those who call themselves Christians to sort out, to search diligently, to compare them, to find the truth. Accepting something as truth because you were told by another human being that it is truth will not be a viable excuse on your day of reckoning before the Lord my friends, you are accountable for you, you will not be able to lay the blame on anyone else.

So, what are we to do then, purchase one of every “Bible” ever written, rent a large auditorium, lay them all out and start comparing? Not likely. How about a concise internet exploration? How many lifetimes do you have? We have already discussed speaking to other individuals about this dilemma, and have found the answer to be wanting, though some might most definitely be men of God, many are not, and deception from the mouth of some can most easily be made to sound like the truth, remember, when you stand before Christ on your day of accounting you are not going to be able to point to someone and say, “They led me astray,” that excuse will not work, none will in this area, you must not allow yourself to be one of the blind being led by the blind. (Matt. 15:14)

I speak with wisdom given by God and by experience on this subject, I am one of those that has, and still does, walk upon this path, for one does not find the face of God in this life, one spends this life seeking the face of God, and we can only do that if we have the mind of Christ and are willingly submissive to the Holy Spirit in the leading of our lives for the glory of God. Here then is the book that set me on this path, and I will only suggest that you obtain one, the choice of course is entirely up to you. A Strong’s Concordance, every word of the King James Bible, my choice of Scripture, for that is what I personally believe is the only inerrant Word of God, is written down in this concordance, along with its meaning on the day that it was written.

This is only a start of course, and it is a very long and arduous road indeed, but we must start somewhere. I have only given a suggestion, what you apply from this letter, or any other that He has had me write, is entirely up to your discretion, you will be judged according to your works, (Rev. 20:13) not by what I have said, done, or written down. The whole crux of the matter is this, if you truly want to serve the Lord our God, then you have to be able to understand the words He has written down for us, you must pray, you must put forth the effort, for you will indeed be held accountable for how you handled His most precious words.

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