Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


Wouldn’t it have been just as efficient to let them build their ziggurat and then find at the completion of it that they indeed had not reached heaven, but simply erected a very tall building?

There is much more to the account in Genesis 11:1-9 of Nimrod leading everyone to this task, without the disruption of their language, there would have been no nations, no animosity because of language, no Ur of the Chaldeans, United Kingdom or Korea. When a tall building is being built, you cannot start the tenth floor when the second is not yet under construction, an order of work must be maintained, and before the thirtieth floor has begun, many times much of the first floor is complete.

I was once employed for a company where I was sent out to effect repairs on items across a large swath of land. At times someone who also worked for the place would accompany me, and along the way to where we were to work that day, we would see other items that also needed repaired. If we would have stopped to fix these things, we never would have reached our intended goal, and indeed, while the day may have been profitable in those areas, our main task would not have been completed.

All those who have been saved by the grace of God are being sanctified by His grace and mercy, we are a building being built, and the foundation must be laid first, it must be strong enough to support the entire structure before any further work can be continued. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” (Psalm 11:3)

No one who believes that there is a work that must be employed by us before we are saved has that foundation, none who cannot see that the work of Jesus Christ on the cross was sufficient, was all that was required and fulfilled by the Lord to bring a man to salvation has that foundation. They are attempting to reach God and His Kingdom by their works, and they will fail.

But many who are saved and have trusted in the Lord as the only means to that salvation, who understand fully that all their works are as filthy rags, that there is none righteous, that we are saved by grace through faith, and even that faith comes from the Most High are being diverted. They see the narrow gate, but they stop along the way to attend to matters that while in their own way have value, are not as important as the goal.

As Satan is allowed more free reign, as the hedges are being lowered, these diversions are becoming more frequent, and instead of reaching out to the lost, instead of seeking the face of God and studying to show themselves approved, these brothers and sisters in Christ are stopping by the side of the road to tend to those things which have no eternal value.

The vast majority of social media sites are led by our adversary, and in this day that we live in, they are his main tools of deceptions and diversions. In Adam and Eve’s day it was that one singular tree, in ours it is no different, that which holds no profit to what we are to keep set as our main goal is made to look important, and the flesh listens. Everything that you have watched, everything in this area that you are seeing and hearing is for one singular intended goal, that Satan would be worshipped by mankind, and it will happen.

When every large building’s top floor is laid, there is what is called appropriately a “top out” party, all stop what they are doing and rejoice that the work upward is completed, but the building is not yet finished. The Almighty is not going to let this effort of man and our adversary to be completed, as the Tower of Babel was, it will be disrupted. If you are on the way to heaven, you do not stop to watch the things of the world unfolding, save when it is to assist a lost soul to see the truth, the goal is Christ, nothing less.

The diversions will increase, not only in number, but in size, each of them are a deception, a means to take you off the path, and if you do not realize this, you may indeed be useful in small matters, as it were, but you will not be profitable in those things that count towards the glory of God.

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