Borrowed Truths


One of the greatest attributes of our adversary is diversion, attempting to cajole human beings to look in one direction while what is being performed towards his desires is occurring in the other. We are not pawns, as some might suggest, this is not a battle between good and evil as many books and movies portray it, this earth, and the life upon it is not a “God against Satan” and vice-versa battle ground. Never deceive yourself in this area, God is Sovereign, He is in complete control, nothing happens that He is not already aware of, for the future, as we call it, is just as clear to Him as the past.

Satan only does what Satan is allowed to do, no more, but I believe I can guarantee also that he will do absolutely no less than he is capable of. I could be mistaken, but if we look at the last verse in the Book of John, (21:25) we can pre-suppose that there was more said in the garden that day than what was recorded for us. The ability of Satan to divert our attention is easy for him, he was able to take the eyes of our first parents off of all of creation and place it upon one singular item, the promise of what could be instead of what is has always been a deterrent for us. The entire path of this planet and every one on it is leading to a final conclusion, the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to reign in glory, the battle of hundreds of millions against Him will end simply by His word, there will be no effort required by Him, there will be no negotiations, no trials. All points in history and the present day are leading to this one point of time, and until then, every diversion possible must be employed.

The soul that is aware of these truths is the soul that is filled with the Holy Spirit of God, and that is his greatest adversary among the children of men. Those who warn others of what is approaching are few and far apart today, the diversion has begun in earnest, attempts to make those who are the children of God to begin to look into themselves instead of what is occurring. But the inverse must be applied at the same time, some must be persuaded that the immediate is important, and singular causes are the best employment in this area. Human rights, abortion, save the polar bears, take your pick, just keep their eyes and minds off of what is about to transpire. The mind that is not held captive to Christ, will be held captive by something, and here is the root of diversion, keep their eyes on anything but Almighty God and the work He is performing.

The stage is shifting, a worldwide endeavor is unfolding, a one-world system is at hand, and every child of God should not be surprised by this, you should be studying the “Book-of-the-Future” every day. The key for our adversary is to divert those who know these truths, to hinder in whatever way he is allowed to, to keep them from their appointed task of warning others of what is coming, of Who is coming back. Make them believe that church is more important than Christ, that service is nothing more than believing without actions, make them believe that there is plenty of time. Apathy is an excellent tool, the diversions offered by the world, the “just-cause,” even religion, all can be used to his advantage, just as long as the truth is hidden from them, it matters very little what the diversion is.

The principalities and powers we fight against, (Eph. 6:2) take the shape of men, the spirit of evil is unseen to the eyes of men, it must take some physical form, do not deceive yourself here, you are not battling some unseen force that occasionally whispers in your ear, trying to get you to do something you should not, evil is clearly seen by all who will but look. Demons do not just inhabit the shells of men to cast them into a fire, (Mark 9:22) or keep them prisoners around graveyards, (Luke 8:27) they are in high places, places of power and influence, places where they can control the thoughts and intents of the heart of man. The diversion is to keep all they can from knowing and understanding this fact, keep their eyes off eternity and upon the present, or at least from acting upon what they know the truth to be.

Many born-again believers will not warn of these events, they will barely if ever open their mouths of the things of Christ to others, the concerns of self in the guise of Christianity, the concern is to seem to be righteous while performing none of the outward actions of the commandments set before them in the Word of God. The world is crumbling, run and hide, but do not warn. All of God’s children are welcome in the Strong Tower that is Almighty God, (Prov. 18:10) but how many want to live there and never face the battle, how many desire to stay behind the wall, instead of yelling warnings from the top of it.

Step one, make them believe you truly do not exist, step two, create false religious ideologies and organizations based upon works of self, step three, to those in whom the Spirit of God resides, make them think that the most important thing he desires is self-growth towards God, and not obedience to His Word outside of themselves. These are not an overview of the battleplan of our adversary, this simple writer of letters is not fit to understand such deep things, but these are truths, and they are all meant for one purpose only, to divert.

The watchmen on the wall are rare these days, apathy and fear are the normal course, good intentions instead of actions, service in the sanctuary but not outside of it. The abomination of desolation is approaching, (Matt. 24:15) the same way he appeared in the garden, slowly, subtly, and with great stealth. Pray as Solomon did if you desire to know these truths, pray for a heart that can discern between good and evil, your eyes will be opened, but once they are, the choice will be up to you as to what you will do with this visage now before you.

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