Did You Stop Following?

did you stop following
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Did You Stop Following?

At the time of the writing of this letter to you is not the same time that you are reading it, most of the letters are written four or five weeks prior to being posted, save for a very few. So, I ask you to forgive me when what you read here is “old news,” a term which has taken on an entirely new meaning for this generation.

A few days ago the capital of the United States was breached, and unless something dramatic has happened, which according to the news media outlets is every fifteen minutes or so, there is probably still some news floating around about this event. There is one particular item that I found interesting about what happened that day, and it is this, those who are meant to stand for those in the United States, their “elected” officials, ran away. Not one person in that entire building whose responsibility it is to be the voice of the people of the United States stood their ground.

My own personal opinion of that is this, I cannot follow anyone who is not willing to stand for what they say they believe, no matter the circumstances or the consequences to themselves. How then does that relate to you, no matter what your opinion is? I could be mistaken, it has been known to happen, but over the thousands of years of recorded history in the Scriptures, the only account I can think of where a man of God ran away was when Jezebel confronted Elijah, (1 Kings 19:2-3) but perhaps that moment just happens to stick in my brain because of the feats that had just been performed by God through him.

 I liken what happened in the capital of the United States to the Christians who wear a mask with a Scripture verse of faith on it, to churches closing and locking their doors when they are told to by the lost, to those who profess a faith in Jesus Christ making sure to keep the appropriate distance from others. I would write here that it sickens me to witness these events from those who call themselves Christians, but that might be seen as impolite.

Free speech is being denied, freedom of the individual is being arrested, and for each person that professes Christ with their lips only, those that follow along with the herd, another piece of chaff is blown away by the wind. The rules and regulations will increase, and at a rate that will amaze many, but sadly the only people I see protesting them are the lost, inconceivable to me. How ridiculous are they you ask? Today in Brisbane, Australia, one person in a city of 2.5 million was found to have the so-called newest strain of the flu, and so the entire population was placed on lockdown. Yet how many took to the streets to protest, how many defied their “new masters” that are quickly taking control of the whole planet? About the same amount that said, “No, we will not shut the doors of the house of God to those in this time of great need.” That many.

“When the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) In the Greek terminology of the sentence, a negative is resounding, the answer is no, I will not. And why not, why will some of the children of the Most High not stand, why are the majority acquiescing to insanity? I can think of no true answer, save perhaps that the delusion that the Lord will send (2 Thess. 2:11) has already begun. The only other answer is unthinkable to me, that the majority of mankind on this planet at this very moment will not stand against evil, that fear is their master, not the Lord Jesus Christ.

I understand full well that it is different when they are knocking on your neighbor’s door, the question remains though, not how will you respond when they knock on yours, but how are you responding now, at this very minute. I can follow the Savior, He was, as they used to say, a “man’s man,” I can follow Him, but I will not follow those who hide behind a mask, those who lock their church doors when the need is the greatest, I will not judge their salvation, but I will judge their actions in these days, and I find many of them wanting. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

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