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Desire To Action

desire to action
Borrowed Truths

Desire To Action

Is the desire to serve Jesus Christ enough?

There are no rewards in heaven for good intentions, but are good intentions here in this life enough for proof of one’s salvation? There are a lot of people who the world would consider “good” people, but they are not saved people, and those that are born-again are rarely seen as any good for the world.

How does one respond to a person who says their citizenship is not of this planet, that they serve only one King, that they will always put His truths before any edict or mandate of man? How does one respond to someone who says that they are already dead?

It really isn’t that difficult to discern who is saved and who is not, a simple conversation of a few minutes can usually answer that question, but to know their hearts desire to serve with actions of obedience in love solely for the glory of God can be another matter. The general response when someone says they are a Christian is “Where do you go to church?” Not, “What are you studying from the Word of God at home at this time?” I would highly suggest you ask that question of all you meet who say they are saved, for it could give you quite an insight as to where they are right now.

Has their desire moved into actions, can they back up what they say? Many will not do this today, for most believe that is too intrusive, too personal, and they will automatically put up a defensive stance and see you as judging them. 1 Peter 3:15 is not on their mind at the moment, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” their desire is not put into action.

Now of course, what they wanted to do was simply find out where you go to church, and then begin the small talk of the day, current circumstances of the world, then the weather, and then fond farewells and back out into the world. When you ask someone what they are reading, what they are studying in the Word of God you make it personal.

A church is, at least it is supposed to be, a body of believers, a group, this question is a singular, personalized statement, and they will have no one to assist them in answering it, not what the sermon was about last week, not what Book or subject matter is being discussed at the midweek Bible study, but what are you studying from the Word of God each evening? Believe it or not my friends, some people take offense when you ask them this question.

Church attendance requires a desire, but it can quickly turn to an obligation, a routine if you will, done without any forethought whatsoever. The same can be said for the Bible study class or the potlucks that happen occasionally. The point of our speaking to the lost is to bring to their attention the need for them to repent, the point of speaking to our brothers and sisters in Christ is to encourage them to continue on the path that the Lord has set before them, to assist them in whatever way they need to be able to further glorify the Lord in their lives, to help them with their desire to serve the Lord in fulness of heart, with joy, solely for the glory of God.

They may see that question as judgmental, but consider this, the Lord Himself will ask them that same question one day, as well as to you. If you will not answer it now, what answer do you have prepared for your Master?

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