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Dan had run every conceivable outcome through his mind, from complete denial to overwhelming acceptance, but he still could not envision the end result. The people on the board of directors were staunch individuals, they sat in their expensive chairs for a reason, they knew how to make the company money. Money had to be the motivating factor, nothing else would work with them, his responsibility was to convince them not only of the needed response of their clientele, the associated loyalty for them that would ensure the money kept coming in, but also the way that would benefit their customers the best.

The customer is always right was not a popular saying around that table, the bottom line was, many of the products that this corporation was responsible for were not just harmful to the public, they were downright sinful, along with the commodities they were in charge of, food production and distribution, potable water thru desalinization processes and equipment, clothing and other needed items, it also controlled a large part of the pornography distributed around the planet. Millions of lives were corrupted by them daily, it was the “black flag” part of their monolithic industry, and it brought in enormous amounts of revenue. Granted, it was only five percent of the entire gross revenue, but that small amount could purchase a small country.

Dan had been praying fervently about his upcoming proposal to the board for weeks now, his particular branch of the company only met with them twice a year, and the affair was usually dry and unresponsive, a lot of graphs and flow charts, numbers and calculations for upcoming revenue producing ideas. This report was going to be different, and Dan was fairly sure he would be leaving the boardroom as a man in need of a job, but his conscience would not be abated, the Spirit of God had laid upon his heart this path, and this path he would follow.

He looked across the room at the large black case that held the oversized photos he had the copy room produce for him, all as large as the pictures that hung on his wall, all grainy black and white, all depressing beyond belief. Photos of depression, the blank staring faces of children who should have been enjoying childhood, women with disfigured faces from continuous beatings, men on the street who had wasted their entire livelihood on the pursuit of the next sexual pleasure. Dan highly doubted he would get past the first few photos or more than just a minute or two of his speech that he had committed to memory, the cost was high, but the price to pay if he did not follow what he knew the Lord was compelling him to do was incomprehensible, he would not dishonor his Lord with disobedience.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the board I would like to thank you for this time you have allotted to me today, my presentation will be short and to the point.” There were gasps all around the walnut and cherry lined boardroom as Dan pulled the white cover page off the face of the first photo leaning against his tripod, a young girl, perhaps eight years old at most, lying dead in an empty room, save for a filthy mattress, chained to a radiator against a wall. By the third photo the gasps had turned to screams and vehement protests, demanding Dan to leave not only the venerated boardroom but the building, and for the last time.

“Silence!” The word reverberated off the walls with power and force from the mouth of the grandson of the man who had established and built the company from the ground up, now an old man himself, yet still strong in stature. The room became immediately quite at the voice of the man in the largest chair, the one whose word was final when it came to the direction of the monolithic corporation. Then the tears came, his demeanor was still strong, the words were not weakened by the flow of tears down his face, the strength that came from him could be felt by all.

“I had no idea sir, if I would have known, I would have approached the matter differently, please, accept my apologies and condolences.” “No one needed to know Dan, besides the private detective my wife and I hired, and some trusted officials at the police department, no one needed to know. She’s been gone almost eight years now, we miss her every day, the authorities found her almost a year after she went missing, in a place not unlike some of the photos in your presentation. You go on back to work now, I’m going to go back into that boardroom and make some long over-do changes.”

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