Courage and Patience

courage and patyience
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Courage and Patience

I know that most people who call themselves Christians are not saved, it is a handy title that instills in those they meet that they live by a moral code, that in most people’s view is acceptable. What they are saying to others by inferring this title upon themselves is that they are generally a good person, for that is what many in the world think a Christian is, just a good person that generally lives by the laws of the land, that is just like everybody else, not a hardened criminal or a wife beater, just an average guy that gets up in the morning and heads out the door to provide for his family, or a woman who does what is necessary to raise up the best children she can.

As the decades have progressed, sin has become more subtle, just because the lion is roaring (1 Peter 5:8) does not mean that he has made himself known yet, and it is only those who have truly been born-again that can actually hear him.

The word “remnant” has been in my mind for quite some time now, and I perceive that it means just what it says, those who are left after all the chaff has been blown away, a small, set apart group who by the grace and mercy of God have been reserved just for Him. I hope I am wrong, but I believe that fewer and fewer people are coming to the Lord as the age comes to a close, because there sre so few of us, it is much more difficult to reach the lost, and with the majority of all media outlets beginning to silence the truth, it will become even more difficult as the days progress.

Those with itchy ears, (2 Tim. 4:3) have shut their heart to the truth, the lost are seeking a way out, not the truth, sin is exploding across the planet at an incredible pace, and it is becoming some days very hard to believe that it will not affect us in one way or another. “In your patience possess ye your souls,” (Luke 21:19) is one of the many verses we must hold fast to, our Lord has promised us that we will not be here to experience the wrath of God, and so no matter how difficult it becomes, we must hold fast to this promise.

I have written in small print on one of the walls of our house these words to remind me, for I have a terrible memory, “Courage to resist, Patience to endure.” For me it sums up the attitude we should have in these days, these words give me a sense of peace because I know I have neither the courage nor the patience necessary to get through this day, much less the ones to come.

Those of His remnant know it is not enough to simply continue with the normal day to day activities, they, we, know that action must be taken, that words are the most powerful and persuasive weapon we have, as long as they are the words of the Scriptures. There are a lot of people that are going to become quite fed up with our continual warning, that are going to get sick and tired of listening to words that describe the literal hell on earth that is approaching, and soon they will cease to just walk away sneering, soon they will begin to take actions against us. The masks are intended to cause divisions, the vaccines will continue that path, and soon we will be ostracized with more than angry glances and harsh words, places are being prepared even as I write this to put people that are a threat to the continuation of the health of the human race, places we will not be coming back from.

As I have stated before, evil is finished with whispering in the ears of people, it has come out into the streets, and soon it will cover every nation. Find any way you possibly can to warn them, you may be speaking to someone who will be left behind, one that may accept the Lord as Savior during the tribulation period, one who as we are to be, will not love their life to the end. (Rev. 12:11) Courage to resist, patience to endure.

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