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What are they teaching your child in school, no matter the grade they are in. Do you truly believe that the main goal of the education system in any country is the three main objectives of reading, writing, and arithmetic, thrown in with some science and biology as they grow older, then with political science and advanced physics? The goal that many parents hope for their children is a happy, healthy life, if they learn the basics in school all the better, but they are not being taught any of these skills we just spoke of, they are the incidentals, they are the items of memorization, if you can recall them for the upcoming test, you pass.

Nor am I speaking of teaching them logical, deductive reasoning skills, the ability to think on your feet, to work your way either around or through a problem to come to a relevant conclusion. Any teacher that attempts to do so is not held in high regard for very long, the cattle must never learn to feed or fend for themselves. I am not even speaking of the generalized evil being taught in educational places around the world, evil that the world calls good, knowledge, and even experimental tests in the areas of gay and lesbian studies, the joy of children having children, not even the trans-gender identity crises they are extoling as the next great advent of personal expression. It is bad enough that they are mostly memorization tanks that societal issues are taught as courses in how to get along with everyone, no matter their perspective or perception of life, not even the outstanding sins against the Most High, those that society calls good, when we know them to be otherwise. (Isaiah 5:20)

All of these aforementioned items can be thwarted and stopped in the home of God-fearing, Christ-serving families, where the parents do not feign an interest in their child’s studies, those things that the world they live in for twelve years or more are continually forced down their throats, or poor grades will ensue. All of these can be attended to by the parent who loves, cherishes, and nurtures their child in the Lord, prayer and spiritual wisdom always has the leading edge against the world. What I am referring to is the basest of ideologies that every single grade school, high school, and every other place of higher learning uses as their cornerstone, the student must be taught to obey.

Now, this is a wonderful thing, if the authority is the Word of God, but even in the best Christian schools we know this is not true, every building that houses and trains the young has to have a certain set of rules, these are not mature individuals we are speaking of here, but children, and a man of my age, when necessary, can still call a young person in college a child, for in many ways they are. These young ones are more than easily persuaded, and the persuasion in every place of learning is always at its roots to obey.

We are to “Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.” (Romans 13:7) And I do not claim of any of these teachers that their intent is evil, but the majority are not there to teach these young minds how to obey Christ, but how to obey the world, and all they teach them will be deeply rooted within them for many decades to come. What the goal of education is not of the Lord, it is of and for the world, and you must counteract that teaching each and every day, no exceptions. No man can call himself a man of God who does not lead his house, who does not assume his role as priest in that home, will receive any right to excuse himself in this matter. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Prov. 22:6) You may not see those fruits until much later in their life, they may rebel for many decades, that is their choice, we are all accountable for ourselves, but that does not free you from your responsibility.

They want your children to obey the world, you must counteract that, assume your position of authority with great humility, and the Lord will indeed bless in His time.

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