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Contentedly Frustrated

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Contentedly Frustrated

I am a very content individual, many long days are laid upon me, many things come into my life that annoy me and can be challenging, but I am a very content person. I am also extremely frustrated quite often, for I have been blessed to see a truth, one that you know full well of yourself if you are on this same path that I have been placed on by the Lord. The hearts of many have waxed cold, (Matt. 24:12) many have turned inward, there is little desire to proclaim the name of the Lord in private company much less from the housetops (Matt. 10:27) today. Many who stand behind the pulpits are little more than glad handers, brought into the church by the ones desiring to be enabled in their supposed faith, those with itchy ears that refuse to hear sound, biblical doctrine. The religious organizations around the planet teach a false god, one of their own makings, idols to worship, traditions, and regulations meant to keep those in attendance in subjection, in fear.

I am frustrated constantly because of the knowledge that Almighty God is not looked upon for guidance continually in the lives of many who profess His name, who are ashamed of Him in the company of others, who say they are His own in private, but rarely if ever in public. Their thoughts of the eternal One are only relevant when they have a selfish need they desire to be filled, praise is not a way of life for them, yet they call themselves Christians. The name of Jesus Christ is being dishonored every single day by many of those who sing the songs of joy on Sunday morning, and this is my frustration.

The world they surround themselves with believes this is what a born-again believer is, someone exactly like them, the only difference is they spend a small amount of time occasionally each week down the street in that building with a cross on it. And who can blame them, those that call themselves Christians behave in a manner just like they do, they are polite, courteous, they love their family and are concerned for their community, the words of praise are rarely if ever heard from their lips, there is no conviction in them to tell others of Christ, they do not seek the lost, at best and only rarely will a verse of Scripture pass their lips, and it is even rarer that they will expound in love on that verse or any other to the one in front of them. They are dishonoring the name of the Most High, the sin of omission is continuously within them, they are believers in Christ only in their minds, they have no works outside of it beyond occasional visits to the local supposed worship center.

What angers me the most is they say they are His followers, but they can show no works for Him, rarely will you even hear His name coming from their lips, the world and all it offers is spoken of at length, the local news is spread by them, but not the gospel, they believe He is in their heart, but they can give no tangible exterior proof of that, much less the glorious One whom they say they serve being spoken of by them in public. These are those that will be left behind, these are those that thought the gate was wide, (Matt. 7:14) that service to Christ meant nothing more than an interior feeling. They are good people, parts of their lives may have changed, but it was not the Holy Spirit that changed them. They cannot be discerned from the rest of the crowd, their words do not extol Christ, they do not leave when the language turns foul, they will not stand in the day of adversity, Christ is an embarrassment to them in public.

There is the root of my frustration, they are dishonoring the Most Holy One, they are silent when they should be speaking, they are ashamed when they should be confident, they hide when they should be in plain sight. The praise of men will be their only reward.

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