Borrowed Truths


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Ten-o’clock, time to go to work, they only come out at night, mostly, she could make money during the day, but not nearly as much as in the nights, they needed the cover of darkness, it was the easiest way to hide their desires, and if there was one thing Cindy understood, it was the desires of men. Most of them were married, she knew this because for a few minutes after the deed was done, after she had helped them to feel wanted, they spoke, and she had heard it all in the ten years she had been on the street.

At twenty-four she was already showing signs of old age, not so much on the outside, but she had become hardened on the inside, a veteran of the lust of others. The weekends were more profitable, while their wives slept at home, the desirous would prowl the streets, driving slowly in the right areas of town, perusing the wares, the anticipation growing, the remorse expected when they drove away, back to their houses in the dark, promising themselves it was the last time.

“Who was the first one?” Cindy’s mind drew a complete blank, she felt like she had been caught in some kind of time warp, like everything around her had stopped. She had heard it all, at least she thought, “How much,” “How you doing,” “I’m lonely,” but never those words. “What?”

The young man and woman were smiling at her, but not with the condescending looks that “people like her” usually got from new clients, not with the tired, same old looks that the cops on the beat gave her, or the dead glaring eyes of her so-called coworkers. These two had a look in their eyes she could not place, and it just added to the strangeness of the moment.

“Who was the first, was it your dad, an uncle, the guy down the street, who started you on this path?” Cindy didn’t do couples, at least not as a habit, Christians, do-gooders, had to be, they wanted to give her “The Talk,” but there was something surreal to this, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something else was going to happen, something big, but she couldn’t get her feet to move either. The young woman said to her, “What difference does it make, right? It’s all in the past, what happened, happened, and that’s the way it goes.” “It was my dad; he was supposed to love me.”

Who said that? They were her words, she heard them come from her lips, but she didn’t say that, she had never said that to anyone. “Yes, he was. You were supposed to have loving parents, a home filled with happiness, with care and concern, friends and family that loved you. You were supposed to meet a fine young man, raise healthy, happy children, grow old together and know a joy that few have ever known.” Cindy saw the whole picture, it was as if she was standing beside the her she could have been, should have been, a life of love, of a deep love that would never end. It was as if years had gone by before the young woman spoke again, decades of time in a few short moments. “It’s time to come home, Cindy.”

The tears burst from her, she saw her father’s face looming in the darkness as he opened her bedroom door for the thousandth time, she saw her frail mother hiding from her, despising her and loving her at the same time, she saw the faces of a thousand men, all with lust in their eyes and money in their hands.

“You may or may not ever have sex again, you may or may not ever find that special caring man, but there is One who is willing to pay a price for you that cost Him everything.”

Cindy didn’t know who she was when she stood up, she couldn’t recognize herself. She had on the same clothes as the person who was standing here just a few minutes ago, but now she felt ashamed to be wearing them, the noise of the city was the same, but now it felt dirty, filthy, disgusting to her. The people even seemed different to her, lost, alone, in need of, in need of what? No, in need of Who, in need of Christ, in need of her new husband.

“Here, you can wear my coat, let’s get something to eat and talk about what just happened.” The young couple glanced at each other with a knowing look, felt a surge of love between them that only those who serve Christ can know, and began the next steps that they had been led to take with the one they had been sent to lead.

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