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Change of Plans

change os plans
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Change of Plans

The plans that you have for tomorrow may be abruptly changed, you may die tomorrow.

What is common knowledge to all of us, what is unavoidable is the one topic that is avoided at nearly all cost by most, the truth of Hebrews 9:27, “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”

Very few people I have met over my many decades of life care to hold a conversation on death for any specific amount of time, a few moments perhaps, but only that. It is to most the great last unknown, where am I going to be after here, will I still exist, will I have conscience thoughts still. Fear, the question brings fear, sadly even for many who profess Christ. I know of a man who is fearful of being cremated, and he has attended the same church for fifty years. I know of one who believes that it is actually against the will of God to be cremated. For both of these men their fears have extended even past the point of their death, even though they are both still alive.

I have actually heard pastors at funerals say, “He is looking down on us from heaven.” Imagine, you are saved by the grace of God, you are in the Kingdom of the Most High, and you turn around to see what’s happening on earth. I highly doubt that.

Your plans for tomorrow might be changed, you might die. How does that make you feel? Are you perhaps a little upset with me, believing, that I am expressing a flippancy towards life, that we should cling onto it with every fiber of our being, holding on for as long as possible? I offer you a challenge, find a verse in the Scriptures that says life is precious, that we are to attempt to live for as long as possible, that our greatest efforts are to find a way to continue in the flesh for as long as we can.

If you have been reading these letters for any length of time, you should know the verse that is coming next, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” (Phil. 1:21)

And to die is what?


If you die tomorrow, will you count it as gain, can you rest assured without any hesitation that when you open your eyes after you close them here for the last time that you will be in the Kingdom of God, no doubts whatsoever. If you are sure of that, then when I wrote, “You might die tomorrow,” did you say, “Praise God, I hope so.” Now we have come to the meat of the matter, so to speak, haven’t we?

Did you think I was being morbid? Did you believe that it was untoward of me to even suggest such a possibility? Or were you one of the extremely rare individuals that thought “I hope so, I hope I die tomorrow.” What does that verse say again? To die is what? Gain.

I believe that those who can comprehend what is in this poorly written letter are the only ones who can honestly say, “To live is Christ.” The rest want to be with the Lord, but not until they have reached a very old age, with of course all their physical and mental faculties intact, and then lay down in their bed with all their friends and loved ones surrounding them, close their eyes and simply, sweetly drift away.

Your plans may change tomorrow, you might die.

How do you feel about that now?

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