Borrowed Truths

Can You Tell

Borrowed Truths

Can You Tell

Can you tell or is it just me, I know that I am hearing on the radio quite often from reputable Christian men that there is not much time, and within myself I know for a fact that I can feel what I would best describe as an imminent event at hand, though I do not know what that event is. Although many of us are well versed in the Scriptures as to the last days, we are also very aware that the last days began when Christ returned to the Father, and so some have begun to call these the last of the last days. No matter the name that we may apply to these times, something feels like it is just around the corner, if you will.

I know that since the Holy Spirit has begun to direct me to write these letters to you that I have felt a sense of urgency, a need to write and write in a hurry. Not just the speed of my writings, mind you, but the amount, His truths seem to just pour out of me, and I feel an ever-increasing need to reach all that I possibly can. Nearly every waking moment I am consumed by the need to write or to study His Word, or to ponder Him in my mind, and many times when I begin to write I am not even aware of what the subject matter will be until I begin. Each letter to you amazes me, I am not a writer and never have been, I am rarely even sure if I should begin them, not even knowing many time where to start, but as I continue to pour out the words onto the page, I see the hand of God and His love for us. Very tough love sometimes I admit, but love none the less.

A verse that been stuck in my head for the last few months is Acts 2:17-18, specifically verse 18. “And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:” If you look at verse 17 you will notice the familiar words of, “your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.”  My wife and I receive information from a Christ-centered organization called “The Voice of the Martyrs,” and if you have an opportunity, I would ask you to take a close look at the work that they are doing. In the magazine that they send to us every few months, the fulfilment of Acts 2:17 is being done, thousands are having dreams of individuals and are coming to Christ, thousands. It is beyond amazing, and many are seeing it as a sure sign that the time is at hand.

I will not guess on the Lords timing for His return, but I know that we are told in the Scriptures that He will indeed return, and these events that are occurring are something we should be praying about. It was verse 18 in Acts that I was not very familiar with, “I will pour out in those days of my Spirit.” It is very difficult for me to speak on this matter, for I do not know how to phrase it properly, and I know that we are not to second guess our Lord in any matter, but that is the reason I asked you the question at the beginning of this letter to you, can you tell.

I have never been one to pay much attention to the secular news of the world, it very rarely is uplifting and generally leaves a bad taste in my mouth, if you will. But I have begun to notice a trend that is hard to miss when I do listen to some of it. Each time a “natural disaster” strikes, it is almost always referred to with the words, “the most rain ever recorded, the largest hurricane ever, the ‘fill in the blank here’ biggest, deadliest, largest, ever.” The lost began by calling these events the effects of global warming but have since changed their language to climate change. I see the hand of God giving warning signs, for this is how He has always warned man that his actions are no longer glorifying His name, that we have forgotten Him.

Suicide rates, homelessness, rampant drug use around the planet have hit sky rocketing levels, the gap between what they like to call the have and the have nots is further apart than at any time in history, all of these and more are “greater than at any time in recorded history” events. Please do not think me a conspiracy theorist, I have never been anything even close to that for my entire life, my question to you is simply this, can you tell, or am I way off base here.

If you have read any number of my letters to you, you will notice that many of them plead with those who profess to know Christ but are not living for Him at this time in their lives. Church attendance, please forgive the repetitiveness, is at an all time low, not just down a little, but a lot, more churches are closing than are being built, and the liberalistic church, the church of the “feel good about yourself” type of beliefs are the ‘normal’ church of the day. Conviction is rarely taught, entertainment is the driving force behind these churches, not the obeying of the Word of God. Anything and everything that can be done to make sure that people’s feelings are not being hurt is the norm, and no one for any reason must ever be offended, so reproof and correction, even when offered in love has gone out the door.

There are still people going into the church doors, fewer by far, but even fewer are those who are taking the church outside to the lost. Many of these congregations have become nothing more than meeting places, almost private clubhouses reserved only for those who will agree with what they teach, discipleship and the blood of Christ are forbidden subjects, and the preaching of eternal damnation for the lost is not allowed. Sin is a taboo subject, for it makes people uncomfortable. My friends, the love of many is growing very cold.

The world is in a downward spiral, spiritual darkness in high places is rampant, the “church” has placed its main mission to the side, and worship has been replaced with entertainment. Can you tell, or am I just putting too much into all this. Is this the way the world has always been, and I have just not noticed, is this just an imagination of my own mind, wishful thinking, if you will, because of my desire to see and be with the Lord. Can you tell?

“And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:” I know that when the Lord puts revival into a mans heart that he should not expect it to carry over to any, though he truly desires that it would to all. I know for a fact that He has indeed done this to me, that He is making me into something that I never knew I would or could be, a willing and obedient servant. Whether or not the fulfilment of Acts 2:18 has begun or not, I cannot say, but personally it is difficult for me see that the hand of God is not involved in a lot of what we are witnessing today. We have stopped glorifying His name, we have left Him out of our lives for a very long time now, and as He has always done in the past, He shows us warning signs that are meant for us to see, that we might turn back to Him and begin to reverence Him as we should, as is our rightful duty. This time the warning signs seem to be worldwide, but maybe I am wrong.

I just wanted to know if you can tell it also.

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