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Burning Hearts

Do you recall the account in the Book of Luke in chapter 24 when our Lord walked with two men on the road to Emmaus, just shortly after His resurrection? There are some very interesting points in this account that seem to be overlooked by a lot of people, not all of course, but many Christians tend to either read or hear a lot of the words of Scripture, take them for face value, and then move on to the next account or set of passages. Forgive me please for continuously using the term ‘account,’ but the word ‘story’ to me has always inferred a tale told, and not always the telling of a factual account of what happened in the past, and I would have to say that every event spoken of in Scripture, unless otherwise noted, did truly occur, especially when it involves the life of our Lord Jesus.

In this account then, I would like to bring to your attention the ‘why’ of these two men, what made them special enough in the eyes of our Lord that He chose to go on a walk with them basically right after His resurrection. It has amazed me, since out Lord knows everything, that He did not stick around the tomb that they placed His body in, for He knew before the foundation of the world that Peter and John were going to be showing up there as soon as the women ran back and told them that he was risen. (Hallelujah!) I doubt it would have anything to do with the joke He would have had with Peter about not only being a slow learner, but also a slow runner. He could have chosen any of the remaining apostles, but He chose these two men, He decided to go for a walk with two men who in the mind of many did not play a major role in the Scriptures, but to our Lord, they were important enough to spend a leisurely walk with and to expound on nearly all of the verses in the old testament that foretold of His coming.

He spoke with them apparently all the way to their house, and then said that He was going to go a little further, and of course we know that He didn’t, but stopped and shared at least a part of a meal with them. As soon as He broke the bread and blessed it, they recognized Him, and our Lord disappeared from their sight, so they had seen or perhaps even spoken with Him before. He didn’t excuse Himself and leave by the same way that they had entered the structure, but simply vanished.

By now I am sure that you have probably read the conclusion of this account, if you were not already familiar with it, but it is not how this account began or even how it ended that I am concerned with today, but something that was mentioned in verse 32, “Did not our heart burn within us…” Tell me my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ, when was the last time that your heart burned within you when you either read for yourself or heard the Word of God spoken to you. Which account in the Scriptures stirs your heart today, for they change often for each of us, which one places the power of the Holy Spirit into the forefront of your thoughts and starts a fire burning within your very soul.

Is it the majestic power of creation in the Book of Genesis, the Psalms of David that exalt the name of God above the heavens, the strength and confidence that many of the prophets were blessed with, the birth, life, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, how about the heavenly eternal home that awaits all of His children, or perhaps it is the sorrow that is laid upon your heart for those that will ultimately reject Him. Which accounts in the Word of God makes your heart burn within you, brings tears to your eyes or great joy to your heart, which ones bring you to your knees in thankfulness, or makes your feet like hinds feet (Psalm 18:33) to run and tell others the good news that is Jesus Christ.

No true child of God simply reads the Scriptures and then goes on with their day-to-day life with no thought or consideration to what they have read, no obedient servant hides the word in their heart and then places it under a bed or in a closet, (Luke 8:16) no one who loves Jesus keeps Him to themselves, for though they may have tried to at times, His word will burn like a fire in their bones, (Jer. 20:9) and it must be released to accomplish the will of Almighty God. The fire that John the Baptist spoke of in Matthew 3:11 was not only in reference to the day of Pentecost, amongst other things, (Acts 2) but was an excellent analogy for what every born again believer feels inside of them, a fire, a fire of desire if you like, the truth of His word that cannot be contained within us. Our examples alone will not set it free, we must speak to others of His sacrifice for all, and His love for all.

These two where walking to their hometown when our Lord met them on the road, but as soon as He left them, they ran, full speed all the way back to tell others. The joy inside of them must have been incredible, knowing for a fact that the Lord was alive, that His promises were true, that He would live forever more as all those who believe in Him will. The words that He had spoken to them along the way that had created a burning heart within them could now never be quenched, the fire inside of them would burn bright forever, as it should for all who call Him Lord.

Whether you met our Lord walking, or as I did, face down to the ground with no hope but Him, now is the time to start running, not back my friends, but to Him, full speed towards Him, as fast as you can, and along the way if someone is placed in your path, stop and take the time to tell them why you are running, why your heart is burning within you, why the fire inside of you will never be quenched until you arrive home, to rest eternal in the shadow of His wings and His glorious presence forever more. Continue reading His Word daily, never stop praising His name in your thoughts and words, seek His face in everything you do, and the fire in your heart will never diminish, your heart will burn with love for Him that will only grow brighter each and every day.

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