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Have you noticed how the “first responders” are being touted less and less each day as our “heroes,” how the media in almost every place has lessened their “Breaking news” coverage of the dreaded flu, how many places have determined that it is safe to sound the “all clear,” even though they are nowhere close to where they said we would need to be to do so?

When I go online at times to attempt to bring people to Christ, I use this statement at times for my initial opening, or something similar to it. “Is this what is important today? What happened to that thing that was so important yesterday?” The amount of time that we spend in any endeavor should be relative to our interest in it, and the powers of darkness that rule this planet are extremely well versed in this area of persuasion. It matters not what side you choose on any given subject, as long as a side is chosen, and a value is placed upon it by you.

At all times the temporal must be kept in focus, the eternal must not be brought to bear upon the topic, or in any form, save for one, the fear of death. What happened to everyone must wear a mask, all must be vaccinated, all will carry a vaccine documentation, where are all the doomsayers, those who claimed this would change human civilization forever? In other words, now what? Like an organization that comes and goes during a festival, like a t-shirt salesman looking for a quick profit on the passing fad, now what?

I do not think that many people realize just how easily they are led down whatever path the powers that be on this planet want them to go down, but I do know that every one of them will vehemently deny it, the news of the day has value, one must be able to see all the pieces to formulate an idea, a trap I have fallen into myself, as we all have.

Man’s one purpose is to glorify God, (Isaiah 43:7) we are not to live in this world or be a part of it, (John 17:14) but the draw of the “Breaking News” of the day is so compelling, pulling many further and further away from what we are to be about. Be honest with yourself here, and go back further than this flu, what do most of your conversations revolve around, the world or the Savior, what others want to talk about, or what they need to hear.

Today, billions of people will talk at length about something that has no concern to them whatsoever, an earthquake on the other side of the planet, a flood eight thousand miles away, but of course the initial topic, as it always does, will be about the local events, and tomorrow they will do the same thing that they have done for the entirety of their lives, be led around by the nose while they scurry to find food, shelter and water. This is the blind leading the blind, this is the epitome of a wasted life, these are they that have determined that Jesus Christ is a by-word at best, who pay honor to the Most High once a week for an hour or so, and believe themselves to be profitable.

The only views worth speaking about broke around two thousand years ago, when the whole earth was plunged into darkness. (Matt. 27:45) How long do you suppose that little incident was spoken about by those looking for the “next new thing,” and how many have come to realize that it was and always will be the only event in time worth our time.

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