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Be Prepared

be prepared
Borrowed Truths

Be Prepared

Preparing for the unknown is impossible, preparing for what could happen can become a reason for anxiety. As believers in Christ we know what is going to happen, we will perish from this earth as all who have come before us, or we will leave as only two others before us have gone on to meet our Lord, Enoch, and Elijah. There is nothing wrong with preparing for the possibilities of what might occur, but fear should have no place in the equation, do we not set the summer clothes away when the leaves begin to fall, if the market is closed tomorrow, today would be a good day to prepare in that matter, yet how many are preparing for what truly matters.

I was addicted to video games in my younger days, and one part I specifically recall from one of those games was coming across a wounded individual who, after informing me of what the video games manufacturers wanted those who were playing the game at the moment to know, said these words, “Leave me now, for I must prepare to meet my God.” I still recall that line, and a ridiculous video game changed, or at least altered my perception of that final moment, the last breath on this planet before I stand before my Creator. Preppers, as they are most generally called, are individuals who hoard what they consider the necessities of life for when an extended period of unrest approaches, they are preparing to stay alive, but for what end, is the continuation of life so important to these individuals that they are prepared to live underground for decades if necessary. I believe that everyone should have, if at all possible, a rainy-day storeroom, if you will, for what length of time I will leave up to each individual and the Lord, as He leads, do. But how much are you preparing for that final day, the only day that will truly matter.

Do you have, as it were, a bucket list, items that you are saving up for that last moment, items to tell the Lord before you meet Him in person. How many are prepared to meet Him with joy, how many with excuses, and how many are not prepared at all. We do not know that moment, death or rapture, there is little time to ponder when the car coming at you is in your lane, when the hour of your death approaches. There is no excuse not to imagine that moment, to envision with words of praise just what you want to say to Him, to say those words now, to prepare to meet the Lord each moment of everyday will put all anxiety in its place, fear will find no place of rest in your heart.

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