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At Your Fingertips

If you want to challenge your faith in Jesus Christ, you must speak with the lost, with the wicked people that the wrath of God abides on, with those who are being deceived and deceiving many in the myriad of different religious organizations. You must go to the camp of the infidels to reach the infidels.

“And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15)

Leave the comfort of what you know to be true and speak to those who will call you a liar, who will detest and even hate you, those who will mock and ridicule you, perhaps torture and kill you, and all for the name of Jesus. That is what Jesus Christ sends His servants out to do, and we do so in the faith that He goes with us, that we are being sent out into the world to spread the good news, to glorify God in the highest.

Can you imagine the exaltation, the excitement of the missionaries of days gone by if they were told that they could reach millions of people with just the click of a few buttons on a keyboard, that they did not need to seek a publisher or the financial means to publish the books that the Lord had led them to write, for many of the men of God are not blessed with great wealth in this area.

A pastor of a church that fears and worships the Most High reaches most generally only those who sit opposite of his pulpit in the pews, he is their shepherd. A street preacher, or those that go out into the public to spread the news of salvation by the grace of God through faith in Christ attracts only those passerby’s that stop for a moment to hear the words he offers. On the internet we can have a personalized website, offering truth for the glory of God, and, as we should in all things, obeys as such and then leaves it in the hands of the Almighty to bless that site for His own glory.

On the internet there are other options, they are called social media outlets, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, the amount of these sites where people gather to offer their opinions on any number of seemingly endless subjects and topics is astounding to say the least. Here you will find not only opportunities to spread the good news, but much suffering to your soul. Here is where you will be derided and mocked, here is where you can be cancelled and disallowed from ever posting anything ever again, here is where the sinners are, and here is where we are called to go.

You will find many very adamant people on these social media outlets, and very few of them realize that their short comments on whatever topic is being spoken about will not affect any change whatsoever, it is their opinion, and it means absolutely nothing, except to them. And they are who we are trying to reach for the glory of God.

Stephen was killed for doing so, nearly all the apostles lost their lives, willingly and with great joy for the Lord Jesus, Paul was beaten and whipped, put into chains and prison, and eventually lost his life as well, so that he could gain all. You need to realize something here; the whole purpose of the born-again believer is to glorify God in every aspect of their lives. “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” (1 Cor. 10:31)

There seems to be fewer people today than ever who profess Christ as Lord that are willing to risk their lives whether it be literally or by the harsh words of others for the glory of God. They are content to sit and listen, but not to act, not to stand, not to seek out the lost, not to go to the camp of the strongholds of Satan and search for the lost.

We have an opportunity that is unprecedented in these days, we can reach thousands every day for the glory of God with only a few typed in words on a keyboard while remaining safe in our homes. Who would not grab at the chance to do that? The Almighty has laid the entire planet at your fingertips, do not miss this opportunity.

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