Borrowed Truths

As Unto

Borrowed Truths

As Unto

You wake up to the alarm clock, you complete your morning routine and then head out the door to work, how many years now, ten, twenty, forty? On payday, you take care of the necessities, house payment or rent, electric and water bill, pick up some groceries, perhaps put enough back for an evening meal at a restaurant. Occasionally a new pair of shoes, some new jeans instead of another patch, the newest phone is out, or maybe it’s time for a different television. If there are enough funds to cover a vacation or two, well then of course we must go, life is short and we work hard, so enjoy it while you can.

There are of course health care cost to consider, and as we age these can become quite a burden, with the children there was no real way to ensure an investment portfolio, and when they were grown and on their own, visits to the grandchildren and your own personal desires that could not be fulfilled in the younger years now need to be accomplished. Now in your mid-sixties, your plan is to work just a few more years because money is tight, health care is not completely covered, and the stipend that you receive from the government isn’t quite enough to cover the cost of life as you want it. After a while, the television becomes one of your best friends, there is always something on to occupy your time, maybe a visit to an old friend occasionally, the coffee shop to see what’s happening in the community, or a trip to the local market even if you really don’t need anything.

You worked your entire life for all the things that the world offered you, and the only things that matter now are the trinkets and photos that remind that you once had what could be considered a life. The positions that you held in the workplace are now filled by others, your talents and skills that you worked so diligently to obtain are of no value to anyone anymore, you have become nothing but a memory and an occasional by-word to the world that you once knew. You worked hard to get everything that will one day be the possessions of others, yours to enjoy only for the short duration of your life, and the ones who have taken your place are doing the same things, just like your predecessor did.  In regards to the world, you have done nothing more than what was commanded of Adam, tend the garden, you have been a caretaker and nothing more. All that was asked and required of you, you did, and the rewards were the trinkets and baubles of the world and a few memories, none of which hold any eternal value whatsoever. And you knew this, the saddest part was that you knew this a long time ago.

You had to keep your nose to the grindstone, you had to provide for the needs and the ever growing wants of yourself and your family, bills had to be paid, shoes had to be purchased, vacations needed to be taken so that you could escape the toil if only for a short amount of time. The accumulation of things became of type of self-serving survival mentality, things and experiences, and now you are beginning to wonder just what type of life you can expect if you live into your nineties. Some of the doctor bills will more than likely increase, who will be there to assist you when you need help just getting out of bed, what will you eat, and will there even be enough to eat, much less how will you be able to afford the daily necessities.

Life will begin to come to a close, the world that you strove to serve for over half a century has abandoned you for those who still have enough energy to serve it, the young and the opportunistic, just like you used to be. You have completed the tasks that it asked of you, you have fulfilled the so-called needs of humanity, and now you are no longer needed, in fact to many you are nothing more than a burden now. You are a drain on society, you accumulated no real wisdom of the world, there are literally millions of individuals who can complete the tasks that were once assigned to you, you have dedicated you life to the world of man, and now you are obsolete, and soon you will be forgotten.

I really hope that some of you that are reading this letter are in your twenties, for I have been blessed by our Lord with a small amount of wisdom in this area, and wisdom does no good unless it is shared. What has just been described for you is the path that millions of people are on, in fact, many of those who profess Christ as Savior are on this same road. Oh, they may attend church diligently, give to the poor occasionally, even read their Bibles once in a while, but they are just as trapped as those poor other souls are. They may claim to know Christ, but the world, money and all that it has to offer them are their true masters. Worry and concern are their companions, fear of what might happen is the driving force behind their actions, and so they strive on day by day to accomplish what the world demands of them, and they pass by the wisdom that our Lord offers them.

“She crieth at the gates, at the entry of the city, at the coming in at the doors. (Prov. 8:3) Yet the daily cares of life are too strong, she offers them the wisdom of God, proclaiming that it is better than fine gold or silver, (Prov. 8:19) but wisdom doesn’t pay the bills or get them to the vacation spot that they have chosen for that year. They have chosen the worlds wisdom, and all the cares that come with it instead of that which is offered to them by the Lord. Why would they do this, why would they continue to struggle under the bondage of self and the worlds idea of how success is obtained? Because they do not trust Him completely.

At best, the tithe of their life, ten-percent is yours Lord, they want the rest for themselves, an hour each weekend is plenty of time to serve, they have lives to live, bills to pay, desires to be met. They must gain all that they can, experience all that the world offers, and hopefully not run out of money before their final breath. Elijah ate locust and honey and served full time, they want sirloin and lobster, and might give ten percent of themselves at best. So, what are we to do, work hard for thirty or forty years, deny ourselves, save all our money, and then live a life of ease? Ask the man that built new barns for himself how that worked out for him. (Luke 12) I am well aware that we can honor our Lord in the workplace, but think about that, just how are you accomplishing this trait of the believer.

The person that is working beside you each day is doing so just as diligently as you are to provide for their family’s needs, they have the same obligations, the same bills, the same desires as you do, for the most part. So, what is the difference, how exactly are you working as unto the Lord? This is quite simple my friends if you just stop and think about it, they know that you are working for Christ, as unto the Lord, because you opened your mouth and told them so. They know that all of your needs are being met by Christ because you recited that verse to them, they know that whether or not you get that promotion or raise in your salary really does not make any difference to you, your employment position, even your entire life is safely in the hands of the Lord God. They know all this because you have opened your mouth many times to them over the years and told them so.

That is how you are to work as unto the Lord, (Col. 3:23) not by working harder, or better or more diligently than that lost soul beside you, God is no respecter of persons, (Rom. 2:11) there are no eternal rewards for making sure that you recorded that information correctly into the computer, for making sure that the mail got there on time, that the roads were cleared for the traveling public, none whatsoever. You do your job as your employer asks you to, your employer gives you money for your services, that is the only reward that you can ever expect. Over two-thousand times in the scripture’s money, financial and materialistic accountability is mentioned, why? Because it is one of the greatest draws that the world has, our Lord knows that, and Satan is going to use it for all that he can.

Of course you should be wise with the finances that you have been blessed with, the question is are you willing to serve Him completely and fully with them as well as without them, because this is something that He may ask you to do. Can you compare the paltry sum that the world offers you, all the cares and concerns that come either with or without them, to the riches that await you in glory? Of course not.

The world will give you the same that it has given all who have devoted their lives to it, death without thanks or hope. Do not tell the Lord that where He leads you will follow unless you really mean it, He has a knack of allowing people’s faith to be tested who say these things. Give Him everything and you will receive everything back and more, just don’t expect all of it here.          

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