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Are You The Reason?

are you the reason
Borrowed Truths

Are You The Reason?

You know, sometimes it really seems as if many of those that I speak to have very little true desire to serve the Lord beyond the ways in which they want to serve. I have met those who will not speak of Him to others, whose prayers surround only themselves, who believe that church attendance is all that is required, many who do not know or understand even the most basic precepts of His Word, but yet will proclaim that they have been saved for years.

I fear that for many in this age of grace they have begun to take grace for granted, that the unmerited favor of the Lord has become an expectation, no matter their lifestyles, or the amount of service that they have submitted themselves to.

Many churches are requiring nothing more from their members than to show up, and indeed, that is not even a requirement, there are few, if any, discipleship classes, no in-depth conversations with the men of the church as to their desire to serve the Lord, simply show up on Sunday morning, perhaps occasionally attend the mid-week Bible study, and then go about their lives, lives devoid for the most part of submission to the will of the Holy Spirit.

Grace says I don’t have to because I am saved, grace says you are loved no matter what, that your happiness is the most important thing in the eyes of the Lord, that good intentions mean as much as actions. That is the grace that is being taught in many churches around the world, and it is in part why the wrath of God will fall upon this entire planet.

I have met people who can describe many of the effects of the vaccinations they are attempting to push upon us, but cannot explain justification, those who are adept in their knowledge of what is happening concerning mask mandates, but not what sanctification means. It is indeed a sad state of affairs when those who claim to serve Christ can give you more information about the world and the current events than about the One they say they serve.

There are of course many rationalizations they will offer, excuses if you will, but even that is rare, for if this topic comes to bear in the conversation, almost immediately a wall of defense called “being judgmental” is erected, and instead of offering a reason for their faith, (1 Peter 3:15) they will tell you that, “That’s between God and me.” “You are judging, we are not supposed to judge.” I personally do not believe that many of these individuals are saved, for if they will not do the least of what has been commanded, if they can find no joy in speaking about the One they call Lord, then whatever fruits of the Spirit that they may envision that they show to an outside world are nothing more than self-made imaginations.

Someone, anyone questioning the faith in Jesus Christ that we say we have should be looked upon with anticipation, no matter if it is from the obviously lost, or from one we believe is saved, it is an opportunity to glorify God, an opportunity to not only receive wisdom and knowledge, but to impart it to those we are speaking to. I have mentioned this many times as of late, and it is worth repeating, if you want to see proof, if you want to see the signs of the last days, fires, floods, extreme weather, churches being closed, pastors arrested, even the so-called dreaded World Economic Forum is not the first place to look, it is in your church. “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold,” (Matt. 24:12) and it may be in the mirror.

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3 thoughts on “Are You The Reason?”

  1. There is nothing like as you wrote in our church since last 4-5 yrs, such as
    Discipleship classes
    Biblical based conversations
    Mid-week Bible study
    Nobody even thinks about such spiritual matter anymore.
    Its all about different kinds of days
    Father’s day, Mother’s day, Teacher’s day, Medical Sunday, organizing cricket tournaments..etc..etc.

    Here is a link about the study about Ivermectin.
    11 minute video in that page.
    Ma’am might be interested to have a look.


  2. BorrowedTruths

    Then leave that church. Start one of your own. Meet when you can, where you can.

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