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Always Smiling

Why will they not help you with your burdens, in fact, why is it even in those times they will listen to you about them the most you will generally hear is a half-hearted “I’ll pray for you.”

Why is it they seem quite aware of many of the things going on in the world, yet when the Scriptures are brought up by you, they speak little if at all, and then just happen to remember they have a pressing engagement elsewhere.

Why do they look at some who are indeed called by the Lord to go a little further with Him in a derogatory way if it is not in a pastoral position.

Perhaps half-hearted is a good name for them, same call them the weaker brothers and sisters in Christ, even when they have professed a faith in Him that is decades old. I am coming across more and more people that fit this category, the polite Christian, the never offend, put on a happy face, say “I will pray for you” Christian whom if you thank them for their prayers for you in a week or two will not even recall the conversation you had with them, much less the burden that you shared with them.

At the moment they remind me of Luke 17:17, “And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?” I am quite sure those nine that did not return at first felt doubt when they heard about One who was going around the nation of Israel healing nearly every one that came to Him. Then when the rumors became facts and they witnessed with their own eyes the miracles being performed they gained courage and approached Him, but then, as nearly all did, once they got what they wanted they left the Lord’s presence, save for one.

That one is the adamant one about Christ, that one does not ask you what you need prayers about unless they are going to fervently pray for you, and they will in some way stay in contact with you to see how the Lord has answered those prayers on your behalf.

The nine who left had no intention of following Christ, they got what they wanted and left to go enjoy their new found lives. Sadly, this is the state of most who claim Jesus Christ as Lord, their prayers, as their lives are, are mostly self-centered, thanks are offered, briefly and with no real heartfelt intent, when those prayers are answered as they desired, but their hearts are just as far from Him as they are from you. They are searching for a god that will serve them, to be there at their every beck and call, and you my friend, if you are serving the Lord with all your heart, are nothing more to them than another face to smile at, another person to be polite to.

“Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” (Matt. 13:13)

Saved or lost? A weaker brother or one who is deceiving themselves? Given enough time you will know.

They make up their own fruits of the spirit, happiness, relative ease from the cares of the world, politeness, a gleam in their eye and a firm handshake. Fake Christians are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and you will meet many of them on your journey to the Kingdom.

There are many paths on that wide road to hell my friends, few seek and find for the narrow one. If indeed these we speak of are of the world, sooner or later they will hate you, they will do so with a smile on their face, but nevertheless they will hate you.

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