Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


Unless you are saved, what you are in this world is alone, it matters little how many people you surround yourself with, the friends you claim to have, even the family that you hold so dear, you are alone, you will live your life that way, die that way, and spend eternity separated, if unrepentant, from the Lord God, alone.

Some who profess Christ as Lord live the same life, and although they know that the Lord Jesus is always present thru the Holy Spirit within them, they choose to live alone, or better yet, to live a life separate from others. They are not uncaring or callous in this decision, but have instead come to the conclusion that Christ is enough, that if they desire to serve Him fully, they must go apart alone with Him from the crowd. They will at every occasion not forsake the assembling of themselves in either an individual, group, or corporeal setting, but when the conversations turn from the truths of the Word of God, when the world begins to creep in among the brethren, they will excuse themselves, the draw of it holds no pleasure or growth towards Christ for them any longer.

Those who think that we need other people in our lives most generally have a need within themselves that they cannot fill, or have not found Christ sufficient enough for them, this is the majority of those who claim Him as Lord, for rarely is He ever first sought, but instead a known friend or family member, whether it be immediate family or of the family of God, is sought out. The insecurity level of most human beings is extremely high, it is just covered with a veneer of self-reliance.

We are to bear each other’s burdens, (Gal. 6:2) yet, most will not express them to others, for many different reasons of course, but also because the burden they know is of and in themselves, and truth be told, few Christians are truly willing to assist others in this area as the Scriptures entail it, it is far too much of an inconvenience, and so both parties prove once again we are alone. Even if every effort is given and received with joy and spiritual growth intended, when all is said and done, when the burden is lifted, we may have gained a friend that is closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24) but we are still alone.

This truthful conclusion for most is more than they can bear, and so they seek out others for companionship, they gather in groups, live in small communities or major metropolitan cities, they surround themselves with people, saved and unsaved, because Christ is not enough. The Lord God Almighty saw this in the first man, “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” (Gen. 2:18) Yet, truth be told, man cannot reproduce man without the woman, the intention and blessing of marriage. Man was still alone, only certain parts of him were increased in their ability to glorify God even higher, yet the woman was still not enough, we are never truly complete, never all we can be, at least not in this life.

The man content in this life has found Christ to be all he needs, he still seeks out humans, but rarely for consolation, his desire is to grow in Christ, and by helping others he is doing so, his desire to be more like Christ, and so he seeks out the wise, whether it be through the manuscripts they have left behind, or are still living. The lost he speaks to only for the purpose of bringing them to the cross of the Savior, their conversations of the world, all that is occurring in it and their supposed place in it is of no concern to him, he will not be deviated from the path to the Celestial City by those who still call this world their home. His friends are those who are the servants of Christ, and those friendships are seen as a blessing, but are never sought out above the relationship he has with the Savior, they are not and never will be first.

People who need people are very unfortunate indeed, for they will fail them, even if in the most minute area, they will never truly ever be able to make them whole. The One who created us is the only One that can be trusted completely and totally, He is the only One who truly understands every burden we carry, every thought of our mind, the only One who loves us and can be trusted with the meager love we offer in return, and yet for many, He is the last one generally sought out, for we have determined that those we call family and friends are of more value. People who need people in this area are a sorry lot indeed, but for those who claim Christ as Lord to seek first any besides Christ is disrespectful in the highest use of the word.

Look on those He has blessed you with in this life as a great benefit, an opportunity to serve, but remember this, in truth you are always alone, no one goes everywhere, knows every thought, every desire you have, save for Christ, and so then we are never truly alone. If He is not enough for you, no one ever will be.

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