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It really takes very little to be all things to all men, (1 Cor. 9:22) a simple interest in what they take interest in, it requires no real in-depth study of what they find interesting. The desired end result of course is that they might repent and see the Lord Jesus as who He is, Savior, so one does not need to know a great deal of what it is they find of interest, but we must know a great deal of two things in particular, the Holiness of God, and the sinfulness of man.

Our main interest is to be the Word of God, more specifically the person of Jesus Christ, and by listening to them speak about their interests, which inevitably will be something of the world, we can lead them to what is eternal. It is, without evil intent of the word, subterfuge that we use in these conversations, we are attempting to lead them to the understanding of their need for salvation through Christ, and we do that by allowing them to think they are leading the conversation, while at the same time showing an actual interest in what they are speaking about.

This cannot be a feigned attempt at involvement in their interest, but we must not allow that interest to deviate us from our appointed task, to be messengers of the Gospel. It is a rare Christian today who will ask the “point blank” questions to the lost about their stance on the Lord, and it is rarer still those who understand the subtlety, if you will, of leading someone during these conversations, for embarrassment, shame and the possibility of offending someone when speaking to them seems to take a higher precedence to some when they are conversing with the lost. “Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” (Col. 4:6)

It is impossible to reach the lost if you cannot comprehend what it means to love your neighbor, (Mark 12:31) what it means to understand their end if they do not repent, and the price that was paid for them. (1 Cor. 6:20)

Here is a fact that most people have forgotten, and that Satan continuously uses as a tool to separate mankind from one another, we are all related, every single person on this planet is related by blood together. Not all are our brothers and sisters in Christ, but we all come from two parents. When you can look at them in the light of that knowledge, you can begin to see them as more than your neighbor, they, all are our family, and some of your family members are lost sheep, we do not know which ones, and so we become all things to all men.

Our responsibility is indeed quite simple, simply tell them about the grace of God that is offered through Jesus Christ for the salvation of their souls, to glorify God in their presence, to let our good works show in us so that they will glorify God themselves in the day of their visitation. (1 Peter 2:12)

Here is where pride must give place to grace, for all are saved by grace through faith. (Eph. 2:8) Words and actions, that is all that is asked of us, not all are called to the most dangerous places to spread the good news of this grace of God, this salvation through Jesus Christ, in fact most of us live perhaps not a life of ease and luxury, but at least have a place to rest our head at night, and live in a nation with no war nearby, not all of course, but many, and so to be commanded to do no more than proclaim the name of the Lord to those you meet is indeed quite a simple task, and in its initial stages requires no more from us than to be all things to all men.

On your day of accounting the Lord is not going to ask you how many listened, how many came to the cross for forgiveness, how many became pastors, teachers, evangelists because of your words and actions, He is going to ask you if you went into the world and proclaimed His name.

We are to plant the seeds and to water them as we are commanded to and led by the Holy Spirit, it is God that grants the harvest, our task is quite simple. “To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.” (1 Cor. 9:22)

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