Borrowed Truths

A Warning

a warning
Borrowed Truths

A Warning

This letter to you is in a sense a warning, evil is approaching quickly, it does not care if you are saved or lost, rich or poor, strong, weak, or young, it is not going to stop. Do not be deceived, God is allowing all that is happening to happen for His glory, and those of us who are His children here will be removed before the worst of it starts, (1 Thess. 4:17) but that does not mean that it is going to be easy.

Much of this is dependent on where on this planet you live, the Roman Empire is going to be fully revived, and so major destructions, at least before the rapture, may not occur there, but the western and far eastern hemispheres may see catastrophic events. The mask mandates will not go away, social distancing and the vaccines are here to stay, and the covid passes, passports, vaccination certificates will only increase in the months ahead. Satan’s plan is to divide and conquer, those who obey will be given the mark which will grant them the ability to buy and sell, (Rev. 13:17) those who refuse in that day will be beheaded. (Rev. 20:4)

As of today, the effort is to make people obey, and as of today nearly all military and police forces around the world are still subservient to their masters. In some places that will change, but only for a short time and not for the better, no police force means that anarchy will rule, at best what are today considered major crimes will go unattended, and the populace will basically be left to defend themselves.

Those who are in positions of authority today will soon find themselves in the same circumstance, once their usefulness is accomplished, they will be disposed of. Protests will increase exponentially, for individuals feel a greater sense of power in a crowd, but soon the banners and signs will be replaced with weapons of aggression, and the police will respond in kind. There are already attempts being made by many countries to ban these gatherings, but it will be to no avail, soon the authorities will allow those they have hired to “protect the public,” to begin using deadly force on the masses.

Everything in every country hinges around obedience, and obedience will be either willingly given, or will be forced upon the non-compliant. Look for large auditoriums and sporting venues to be used soon for holding and detention facilities, along with military bases. As the police find that they can no longer contain the crowds, the military in each country will be brought in, with the weapons of destruction that they have, the crowds will be no match.

The majority of these will be those who for their own reasons will refuse the vaccine, which in itself may or may not be used as a biological weapon, but it is assured that it is the precursor to the receiving of the mark of the beast in the future. There will be minor enclaves that will remain relatively untouched, at least for a short time before the rapture, but food is going to be relative to the amount of people in these places, and soon they will begin to turn on their own.

For those that are living in what was once and will again be the Roman Empire, I would suggest great caution.

The time of the gentiles is almost over, the Lord will remove His servants before the great and terrible day of the Lord begins, (Joel 2:31) but what is going to happen before that day will put each of us to the test in whatever way He sees best. Stand strong, stay in the Word daily, pray without ceasing for guidance and strength. As I have said before, and will repeat as often as I am led to, we must follow, willingly our Lord, whether it be beside the still water, or into the fire. We are here for His glory, not for our safety.

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