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A Sense of Urgency

a sense of urgency
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A Sense of Urgency

There is a time coming that all those who call Jesus Lord will be shown to themselves if these words have come from their hearts, or have simply passed by their lips, I give no prophetic warning of a previously unheard revelation, the Scriptures are quite clear, from the Book of Daniel, to the Books of Matthew and Revelation, what we call the minor prophets and others in between, Jesus Christ is going to return for His church, (1 Thess. 4:17) the world will fall into a time of trouble as never seen before, (Matt. 24:21) and those who spoke His name from their lips only will be left behind.

It is more than important to me, it is what our Lord has called me to do, to send a warning, not just to the lost in name, but to those who are still lost that know His name, those whose hearts are far from Him. I did not plan this when He set me on this path, I have done as I have been commanded to do, write letters to those who proclaim Christ only in name, only by the deeds of the world, speak to those who may be left behind, in hopes that they will come to the true knowledge of His salvation. I do not know if you are one of these, or if it is for someone you know, personally I believe that anyone who reads these poorly written letters would soon come to the conclusion that there is a major theme that runs through them, “You need to be sure.”

The mature brother or sister in Christ needs no reassuring, they know for a fact that their name is forever inscribed in the Lambs Book of Life, they see and know the truths, the weaker brother who desires to serve, is fighting against the world and the flesh with every prayer he utters, keep him in your prayers. Perhaps some have come to the realization that their hearts were indeed far from the Lord and have repented, finding mercy at His feet, and are now set firm upon the path, only God knows. It is not my business to delve into such matters, I have been commanded to write, and until Almighty God tells me to stop, write I will. It is the Holy Spirit that guides my pen, it is He that has something to say to whomever is reading, it is not necessary for me to know the next word that will appear on the page, I am to stay in His Word, seek His face daily, die to myself and pray not for Him to lead only, but for His grace and mercy for me to have the strength necessary to follow.

The days are long, the flesh is indeed weak, but by His strength I continue, I do not know how many others He has called out in these last days, but I believe all that He has are just as fervent as myself, perhaps more. We feel a sense of urgency, the warning must be given loud and clear, repent, seek the Lord while He is near, (Isaiah 55:6) for those who only know Him with their lips will receive no second chance. (Heb. 9:27)

There is a joy that cannot be removed from the heart of a man who has given his life to Christ, whose views are eternal, who pays little heed to what is happening in the world, for all he sees is Jesus Christ. Fear has not left him, in fact it has grown exponentially, but it is not a fear of the path of this planet, nor of man, but of his Lord, a fear not of chastisement and reprisals if he falters or even denies the work set before him, but of the shame he would feel if he ever dishonored the name of his Lord. I fear for those who read some of the words that He has used me to pen, who see within themselves their own shortcomings, and who do nothing to rectify them. I pray for those of you who read, see the truths, and share them with those you love, those you care deeply about.

I have been called to pronounce warnings, and warnings I will pronounce. There is little hesitation as my pen flows across the paper, only a humility that I know within myself that I am not worthy to be called to this task. I do not know if the rain will begin to fall upon the just before our Lord returns for us, I do not know if I will see that day, but I know for a fact that some will, and it is my fervent prayer that it will be the last time you see this earth until we return to it in glory with Christ Jesus. I pray that you are not one of the ones who are left behind to watch the children of the Lord depart that day, my prayers though are especially for those who do not know Him in their hearts, who have only been deceiving themselves, for that will be the last day of hope they will ever know.

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